Saturday, 8 March 2014

GINS Post #8

So once again we are exploring our Global Issues Novel Studies! This time, we had to select a single quote from the novel that we felt really represented the issue that our novels explored. After that we had to create word art for that quote. This is what I ended up doing:
The original quote that I selected from my GINS book was "Maybe I'm revealing a shallow side to my character, but I need to cling to the 'normality' of my life as an ordinary girl. It's denying the imprisonment that is lying in wait for me, lying in wait for every Afghan girl and woman. It's inevitable." - Karenna Gore Schiff, My Forbidden Face, Page 33. The parts that I used for the actual quote are in bold, but I feel that the overall quote, when read in context, is incredibly powerful on its own. I chose this quote because I felt that it very directly stated the extent of the problem that women in Afghanistan face. Originally, I was debating against whether I should use this quote or, "We watch over her as if she was a child. My mother, once so strong and active, has turned her back on reality. She erases it in a deeper and deeper sleep." - Karena Gore Schiff, My Forbidden Face, Page 92. The reason I felt that this quote could have potentially been a good choice was because it talked about how much the reality of Afghanistan effected people. I thought that the other one would be a better choice though because it relates more to the issue that was being discussed. 

As for the choices I made in the actual picture, they were very deliberate. The girl in the centre has a sad expression on her face as she looks back at the light, which is meant to express the normality. She is meant to be shown being dragged by the clock. The reason I chose the clock as the thing that was dragging her away from her normality is because to me inevitable meant that with time, she would have to let go of her hope. The clock is white, which is meant to represent the Taliban because that is the colour of their flag. I chose what was meant to be a sunset because it is generally linked to hope, and though Latifa was being dragged towards the imprisonment of the Taliban, she still clung to her life, which to me was her source of hope. I meant for her to be shown struggling, but that doesn't actually come through very well in the picture. What is trapping her to the Taliban are meant to be chains, though they may not look like them, to show what a strong grip the Taliban had over Afghan women. Her clothes are also something that are meant to show her clinging to her normality. As we know, Taliban force women to wear something that completely covers them from head to toe, but before they arrived Afghanistan was a very modern country. The clothes may look very casual to us, but it would be an outright act of rebellion to the Taliban. 

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